Alabama has some seriously nasty ants, they bite, they sting, they take up residence in your yard and essentially kick you out for fear of getting hurt. If you’re sick of them infesting your home or workspace and are ready to be the king of their hill, it’s time to call Alabama Preferred Pest Control.

They are one of the most common pests in Alabama, and most of them aren’t even from here. Some of the worst biters and stingers are imported from South America but have taken up residence in Alabama’s warm, hospitable climate.

From fire to crazy ants, here are what types you may find in your yard:

Fire Ants-  These are both imported and domestic and come in red and black varieties. The imported red and black fire ones are usually larger in size and are capable of biting and stinging from their abdomen. These aggressive ones are a huge hazard to any yard and should be avoided at all costs.

Sugar Ants- Though they may sound sweet as pie, they can actually be a huge problem indoors. As their name suggests, they are attracted to sugar and food, and will most often be found infesting a kitchen. They do not bite but are difficult to get rid of so if you notice small black ants in your kitchen it’s best to handle their infestation right away.

Carpenter Ants- Though native to Florida, you may see them in your Alabama home or business. These large, black ones sometimes have red or yellowish markings on them and can cause a lot of destruction. They are similar to termites in that they feast on wood, which can cause damage to siding, exterior structures, and window or door frames. If you notice lots of these larger-sized ants hanging around your wooden structures, you’ll want to get them removed before they cause more damage than they already have.

Pharaoh Ants- These small, yellow, or tan-colored ants are especially dangerous because they can spread diseases like salmonella.  They form large colonies, but they have the unique ability to branch off and form many new colonies if the original colony is disturbed. As this is the case you want to be sure you have the best exterminator possible to remove these ants, to protect yourself from the harmful diseases they carry.

Crazy Ants- These small ants are also light brown and tend to move erratically, hence their “crazy” name. What’s also crazy is the way that they swarm and infest electric equipment, causing a crazy amount of damage that will take a crazy amount of money to fix. If you see these light brown, wild moving ones be sure to call Alabama Preferred Pest Control before they cause dangerous electrical problems

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