Fleas are one pest that is harder to look out for, as they put not only you but your pet at risk as well. Famous carriers of disease and bacteria, fleas love your fluffy dog or cat just as much as you do.

Due to our relatively mild temperatures, flea season is year-round in Alabama so it’s important to stay vigilant and know the signs that you may have a flea infestation.

The most obvious signs of a flea infestation occur on your pet. You may see them scratching or itching an excessive amount, or see small black flecks that look like dirt. Be sure to flea comb them every few days, especially if your dog or cat likes to spend a lot of time outside. If you do find fleas make sure to comb them out and kill them in hot water with plenty of soap, then contact your vet for the best course of action.

If your pet has fleas it’s likely that they are in your home as well. Be sure to contact Alabama Preferred Pest Control to have the problem taken care of in a safe and effective way.

Even if you don’t have pets your home still may be vulnerable to fleas. As parasites fleas can live on any variety of warm-blooded hosts, from rats to humans. Be on the lookout for any small black or reddish-brown dots in your carpet or furniture as these may be a sign that fleas have made their way into your home.

A flea infestation can bring bacteria, disease, and other nasty stuff into your home and onto your pet. Make sure to take care of it the best way you can, with Alabama Preferred Pest Control.

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