Rodents like house mice and rats can make great pets when you actually want them, otherwise, they are quite the destructive uninvited guest. Rodents can cause massive damage to homes as well as bring bacteria and other pests into your home.

The most common that may try to invade your home in Alabama are House Mice, Roof Rats, and Norway Rats.

You may see them more prevalent in the winter months as rodents like to find the warmest place they can to make a nest.

Rodents multiply quickly so if you see one, it’s likely that before long there will be plenty more where the first one came from.

The signs of an infestation are very prevalent. You may see gnawing on wood, wiring, and insulation. Rodents can also be identified by the shape and size of their droppings, as all three of the most common have distinct droppings.

You definitely don’t want an  infestation in your home or business. Not only do rodents bring damage, but they can also bring a flea infestation into your space with them.

If you see a rodent or suspect that rodents may have found a way into your home or business do not hesitate to call Alabama Preferred Pest Control. Our pest control experts will be able to identify exactly what kind of rodent has taken up residence and how best to safely and effectively remove them.

Don’t waste another minute putting the health of your family or customers at risk. Call Alabama Preferred Pest Control today and we will help you eliminate your rodent problem.

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