Often one of the most feared pests, spiders actually have some great benefits to have around the home. They feast on other pests and a surplus of spiders can actually serve as an indicator that you may have another kind of pest infestation. That being said, sometimes you just don’t want spiders in your home. They’re creepy and crawly and can even have a poisonous bite.

The good news is that Alabama only has two categories of poisonous spiders: widows and recluses.

The widow spiders found in Alabama are the southern black widow and the northern widow. These two kinds of widows are similar in appearance and with the females being large and jet black with red markings on their underside, and the males being small and brown with yellow, red, and white bands on their bodies. You can also identify the presence of widow spiders by the egg cases that the females lay. They are white and are suspended within the female’s web so if you see a small white orb in a spider web, it’s a sign that you may have a female widow in your home or business.

Widow spiders have incredibly toxic venom so you don’t want them around. Call Alabama Preferred Pest Control today so our experts can take care of your black widow problem.

Recluses are the other species of poisonous spiders you may find in your Alabama residence or business.  They can be identified by their shade, ranging from a light tan to a deep brown color. Their venom is not as toxic as a widow but still causes the death of the tissue around the bite, and has even caused kidney failure.

The best way to avoid being bitten by a black widow or brown recluse spider is to stay clear of their habitats. These spiders like dark, secluded, dry areas like woodpiles and the insides of storage boxes, or water meters. It can be inconvenient to always handle these areas with gloves or other protection so if you’d like to live worry-free, contact Alabama Preferred Pest Control. Our pest control experts know exactly how to handle these infested areas and will keep your home spider-free for years to come.

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