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Your home is your turf. You work hard to make sure it’s the best place to live. You spend hours sweeping, mowing the lawn, and cleaning up to make sure that it’s spotless. So when you see signs of a pest you know that you need to call Alabama Preferred Pest Control.

Preventing an infestation can mean the difference between enjoying your residential space and feeling on edge all the time. You wouldn’t allow bacteria, disease, and damage to come into your home in any other way, so why allow a pest to bring it in.

Pest control is especially important if you have children. The bacteria pests carry can be especially harmful to kid’s still-developing immune systems. Make sure that you’re raising your family in the safest and healthiest residential home possible with Alabama Preferred Pest Control.

Why You Shouldn’t DIY Your Pest Control

If you own a home you’re probably comfortable doing a lot of things yourself. Whether it be painting rooms, changing lightbulbs, or fixing leaky pipes you trust yourself to handle most of your home’s problems on your own. So why not DIY your residential pest control? You may think that you would save money and the hassle of having to call a pest control company. However, this couldn’t be more wrong. Doing your own pest control simply isn’t the way to go. Not only do you have to become an expert overnight in order to do it safely, but you also will be wasting money on big amounts of expensive pest control products that you might not even use. If you’re thinking about DIY-ing your pest control, read on to see the reasons why you should trust the experts.


The simple reality is that pest control is designed to kill pests. This means that many of the products on the market are designed to kill pests and anything else they may come into contact with. This spells trouble when you’re handling products yourself, or you have exploratory kids and pets in the house. Dangerous pest control chemicals can be avoided but it’s difficult to tell which products on the market are actually nontoxic, or how they will interact with other chemicals you may decide to use. With so much conflicting information on the internet, it’s best to keep you and your family safe while keeping your home free of pests by calling a hassle-free and affordable pest control like Alabama Preferred Pest Control.


When you DIY your own pest control, not only are you opening the door for all kinds of toxic chemical mishaps, but you are also providing yourself with unneeded stress and concern trying to learn an entire industry from a multitude of confusing internet articles. When you hire a pest control company the thing that you are paying for most of all is the years of experience and a high level of expertise. For instance who wants to teach themselves the difference between flea dirt and cockroach feces? Well, we do. At Alabama Preferred Pest Control we have been identifying and eliminating pests for years so we know exactly what to look for, and where to look for it. No need to spend your weekends crawling around under your house or trying to make out which critters are scurrying around in your dark attic. We take care of all that for you in an easy, low-cost, one-time, monthly, or quarterly manner.

Alabama Preferred Pest Control is here to keep your home safe from pests, the easy way

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